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Our Mission

nData Services is a group of payments and promotions professionals who have come together to create a new approach to digital promotions,  settlement and reporting. We are focused on bringing the new AI (Application Interface) 8112 Universal Digital Offers into retail channels that have either not taken coupons due to legacy problems with processing paper and slow payment or have taken coupons but want to increase available discounts to their shoppers while lowering costs and increasing revenue.

It is our philosophy that the benefits of product promotion should accrue to the product manufacturers, retailers, and their customers, with the goal to maximize the retailer’s income and the shopper’s savings. Additionally, smaller and independent retailers have often not had access to the best offers for the best products. nData is committed to helping all retailers and their shoppers access the very best offers in the market.

Working with The Coupon Bureau, nData is committed to creating a better couponing experience for both retailers and consumers.

nData has built an efficient settlement and reporting system that will provide superior revenue, faster payment, and deeper data insights. Additionally, our platform leverages the flexibility of 8112 technology to create serialized in-store and custom digital offers like Food-as-Medicine (Mobile FoodRx) programs, that can bring new revenue dollars into retailer’s stores.

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30 year payments veteran in ATM, underbanked, and international remittance services. Currently deploying healthy food incentive technologies and digital retail promotions.

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35 year payments veteran in POS equipment sales and financing, merchant processing and network transaction services, with a primary focus on settlement and payment processing technologies.

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