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nData helps POS providers fully integrate 8112 coupon processing

nData supports POS providers in streamlining and implementation of 8112 technology. We understand POS providers are busy supporting their clients and that new technology requires rigorous cost/benefit analysis. nData is here to help POS partners in becoming 8112 Accelerators by shortening the learning curve and strengthening the business case for 8112 adoption. We can provide content creation and promotional marketing to your retail clients and further help them communicate its benefits to their customers. nData will assist our POS partners in enabling their retailer clients to reduce coupon-handling labor costs, expedite payments, and access previously unavailable CPG offers.


Implementation and training


Strengthen your offering

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Earn recurring revenue


Create competitive advantage

Interested in learning more?

Contact us to learn how 8112's can strengthen your offering and drive your retailer’s revenue.

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